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Software engineer


I'm a software engineer specialized in distributed systems. I'm passionate about the Web since the 56K dial-up Internet to the decentralized application era. I enjoy to design and experiment new ways to develop the Web of tomorrow through decentralized or universal web application.


- : B3TSI at Cachan

B3TSI is a market research consulting company. Surveys are managed in a homemade mainframe system. I design, develop and deploy micro frontend services interfaced with the surveys system. The main purpose is to bring new features which cover internal and external communication needs.

  • Create web platforms to collect survey responses from the web
  • Redesign and migrate data systems to bring an anonymization layer

- : AutoVisual by L'argus at Paris

AutoVisual by L'argus is an auto offers aggregator and price comparator. Several bots daily crawl new offers to score and index them. I manage the split of the procedural proof-of-concept system into reusable functional packages to be deployed in a containers environment. The main purpose is to remove deadlocks due to the initial procedural and monolithic approach.

  • Design a distributed crawling system to feed a public offers registry
  • Implement a meta-crawling layer to feed an internalized vehicles registry

- : Orsys Formation at Paris La Défense

I conduct training sessions to teach technology courses from company trainees.

  • Android: develop mobile apps
  • Java 8: discover new features by practice
  • Javascript: develop web applications full Javascript

- : Leuville Objects at Versailles

Research and development in software mobility through the thesis subject “Communication in embedded systems with mobile agents”. The main purpose is to write a formal specification which describes a fault tolerant communication in a containers environment.

  • Revision of the cloudlet architecture with software containers
  • Run software containers on Android 5 ARM64

- : Essilor International at Vincennes

Essilor is a leader in corrective lens manufacturing. Tens of thousands lense orders are registered each day. Within the operations department, I manage and develop a reporting system which handled orders of the France area. The reporting system provides indicators to assist decisions taken by services inside the operations department.

  • Ensure reporting system integrity and availability
  • Develop reporting models to answer operational needs

- : Lycée Jean Macé at Vitry-sur-Seine

Provide courses and support to help students with their end-of-year information system projects and exams.

  • Teach “Management information systems” course
  • Organize end-of-year projects development

- : at Paris is a web agency expert in website development of luxurious brands. I support and develop e-commerce websites based on a homemade framework.

  • Frontend development in HTML4, CSS2 and Javascript ES3
  • Backend development in PHP4 and PERL5


- Present: Author of enten/embark-angular

Angular Decentralized Application with Embark.

  • Make Embark by Status work with Angular CLI
  • Build webpack configs dynamically with Angular Webpack Build Facade

- : Contributor of Angular

Contribute to the Angular CLI Version 6 development by spotting and fixing two issues.

  • Issue angular/devkit #698 ServerBuilder can't resolve lazy modules
  • Issue angular/devkit #700 DevServerBuilder: HMR not work

- Present: Author of enten/angular-universal

An universal Angular 7 starter kit based on the Angular CLI featuring Server-Side Rendering and Hot Module Reloading on both browser/server sides. It uses the Universal Development Kit through Schematics to perform build and development tasks.

  • Universal build task to compile for browser and server at once
  • Angular dev container to bring an extreme live development experience

- Present: Author of enten/udk

Universal Development Kit (udk) is a Webpack extension which improves universal Web application development. The main feature is the strict sequential multi-compilation according to the dependencies between bundles.

  • Build mode: avoid bundle compilation if a dependency compilation failed
  • Watch mode: recompile bundles in dependency relations order
  • Dev container to avoid writing code for development purposes only

- : Contributor of React Universally

A starter kit for universal React 15 applications. Written in 2016, it's a first attempt to elaborate an universal toolchain for universal React application development.

  • Universal React Web Application
  • Extreme Hot Module Reloading with React 15 and Webpack 3

- : Author of enten/

Manage setup of an ArchLinux rootfs which enables LXC usage on Android: it capitalizes operations needed to achieve that on a virtual Android 5 with custom Goldfish 3.10 kernel.

  • Run LXC container identified by its own IP address on the network
  • Mount cgroups required to support LXC containers